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How Bail Works (+)

When someone is arrested for a crime, that person is taken into custody at the local city jail, county jail or county courthouse. The purpose of bail is to allow the accused to be released from custody and returned to his or her family.  The amount of bail must be no more than is reasonably necessary to keep the accused from fleeing before a case is over. Bail is set to assure the attendance of the accused, or defendant, when appearance is required in court, whether before or after conviction.
There are three ways to be released on bail:

  • Hire a licensed bail agency for a fee (i.e., Brent Myerson Bail Bonds);
  • Post cash for the full bail amount with the court or jail;
  • Use, at the judge’s discretion, real property with sufficient equity (such as a home) with the court.

A bail bond is like a check held in reserve: It represents the defendant’s promise to appear in court until the case is resolved. For a fee (bail premium) a bail bond seller (i.e., bail agent, Brent Meyerson) will post a bail bond (a certain sum of money) with the court, police department or county sheriff’s department. The court keeps the bail bond in case the defendant doesn’t show up.

After more than 35 years experience, Brent Meyerson Bail Bonds has found that the most frequently asked question is, “How long will it take to get the job done?”  That’s what Brent Meyerson Bail Bonds specializes in – professionally getting the job done in complete confidence as quickly as possible.

This page contains additional general information regarding how bail works.  If you have any questions you can always call Brent Meyerson directly at 1-888-443-8688 —he will be the one who answers the phone.

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